Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Will the Clinton's EVER go away? Being a life-long Republican, I must admit that I am not all that upset that the Clinton's are still blabbering away and removing focus from those in their party who want to move on and have some of the media focused on them. Sen. Clinton's book really has taken away from the 30-40(or something like that) of her fellow democrats who are trying to run for President. In addition, the former President Clinton Is getting involved in everything from the

  • Scandal
  • at the NY Times, to the
  • War in Iraq
  • and his
  • Public yearning

  • to serve a third term has gotten more press coverage than most of the Democrat's Presidential candidates. Alexander Hamilton once said that a former President should leave the country after his term in office was completed. It has not been an issue in the past since individuals did not live as long as they do today, but now, both Democrats and Republicans may politely boot Bill Clinton to the door and take away his keys just so both parties can move on to developing new issues and candidates.