Thursday, July 10, 2003

Well, it looks like the effort to Recall Governor Gray Davis may have been successful and the voters will soon have the opportunity to choose another person.

  • Total Recall?

  • At the dedication of my local County Court House in 1938, Judge E. B. Farr made the following statement, "Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen: We are gathered today rather to celebrate the completion of the Courthouse than dedicate it. It was already dedicated by you when you gave us power to build it......This is your Courthouse. Do not let anyone deceive you. You have paid or will pay for it, every penny. No benevolent individual or government has paid one farthing. The PWA funds which went into it are raised by taxation. And no one was benevolent except the taxpayers. I mention this only for the purpose of keeping us thinking straight. When farmers get checks for taking their land out of cultivation or for declining to raise certain crops, or people get relief for one thing or another it is not the benevolence of an individual or a combination of individuals but of the taxpayers." This emphasizes a very important point, ALL elected officials, and governmental activities are done on behalf of and paid for by the people. Elected officials sever at the will of and are subject to majority of people's demands, within the constructs of a representative democracy. It seems that a troubling trend has been occurring in the way Americans view the relationships between the People(electorate), the state, and the Federal Government. Very few, even those in the Government tend to believe that Governmental authority flows from the people, to the State, then to the Federal Government. The people give up certain freedoms and liberties, considering all people are born completely free, and enter in a Social Contract delegating authority to the state and the federal government to protect their health and safety. When a public official or governmental agency violates this implied contract, they are subject to removal and will of the people. I believe that John Locke and Thomas Hobbs should be required reading for all those who wish to enter into public office. Perhaps they would then understand these principles better, and better serve the electorate.