Wednesday, October 22, 2003

A recent Report claims that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have secretly struck a deal that would make The Saudi bastion of terror a nuclear power in the near future. This is VERY disturbing and could signify the opening of the next campaign in The War on Terror.

The report suggests that Saudi Arabia is seeking a "nuclear deterrent." The question remains, a deterrent from whom? Do they suspect that, in spite of the recent efforts to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, Iran will regardless acquire nuclear technology? Or do they believe that they will become the next target in the world's effort to defeat Islamo-fascism?

The latter question raises another interesting follow-on question, Does Saudi Arabia have something to hide? This report suggests that they do.

The fact is, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest supporters of terror. They spread the same form of radical Islam throughout the world that inspired the attacks of September 11 and suicide bombings in Israel. Does their effort, if the story turns out to be true, signify the laying of the ground for an epic battle between the West(France and Germany excluded) and Islamo-Fascists in the land of Mecca? Time will only tell, but one fact remains VERY evident, the stakes in the current war on Terror are much larger and much more global then some may have you believe. If Europe and Asia's oil supply comes under the control of Radical Islamic Fascists who posses nuclear capabilities, they will have the ability to freeze industrialized nations and create a Global economic meltdown. They will have the power to control global markets with impunity and bring the Modern "infidel" world to their knees. Ironically, this was the very goal the Saddam Hussein sought and it seems that this madman's torch has been picked up by Saudi Arabia