Monday, May 24, 2004

Tonight President Bush outlined his plan for the return of Iraqi sovereignty. I will allow my readers to follow the link and judge the plan for themselves. What I would like to address is the near deafening absence of the President's speech from the three major networks( CBS, NBC, ABC). How can the Networks justify not televising such an important speech; a speech that outlines plans that WILL have an historic impact on this Nation's future security?

I have a rather cynical theory: I believe that most people( much to the dismay of the Bloggsphere) still get their news from the three major networks.; Those networks have not been kind to the President or this Nation, Have hindered the War on terror, and have harmed some of the Nation's soldiers(And in case there is any ambiguity, I am saying that actions of the press have caused American lives); That the three major networks have taken upon themselves to unseat the President, a President they disagree with on an ideological level; That in order to achieve the previous goal, they will engage in anything from misinformation ( including presenting the NEWS in such a manner that only the negative aspects of the war are emphasized while completely ignoring the positive aspects of the War in Iraq) to a policy of complete ignorance of established administration policy(if the networks do not show it, it does not exist); Finally, the networks have pursued a goal of demoralizing the American moral for the War on Terror(including Iraq) by ignoring key facts including: 1. YES WMD HAS BEEN FOUND IN IRAQ(a sarin bomb exploded last week) 2. Saddam did have ties with foreign terrorists(check out this link) and 3. The administration DID HAVE A PLAN(see the Presidential address tonight){ some my ask why this was not presented earlier, I ask in response, is it wise to tip off our enemies as to what we plan on doing?}

Because of the above mentioned indiscretions by the three networks, I am calling for a boycott of the three major news Networks and a letter writing campaign calling for a change in their current "News" policy.
Please send a message to the following links expressing your displeasure as to the networks' decision not to air the Presidential address.




It is also important for People NOT TO WATCH THE THREE MAJOR "NEWS" NETOWRKS. Only the Viewer can put pressure on the networks to change their way; Only the viewer has the power to Fire the major networks by simply not watching!



Though it is true that the White House did not request that the three Major networks carry the address, why should it be contingent upon the White House to ask for coverage in such an important address. Also, it is a true that those who have followed the Iraqi policy of reconstruction saw nothing new in this speech, this was, however, the first the administration put together its plan in one clear speech and the majority of people who do not follow administration policy as closely as those interested in politics would have found the address very helpful. The fact is this was news and the three major networks dropped the ball!

Thanks to InstaPundit for the link.