Friday, July 16, 2004

Terror in the Skies!

This story circling the bloggsphere today is enough to make ones hair stand on end!
The story began to take off last night when brought to the attention of Instapundit.
It was later picked up by The Command Post

Michelle Malkin has been driving it today and doing some hard-core journalism to track down the story.
Michelle even exposes a Gaffe by the Washington Post in that they have sat on this story for almost a week!
If this story, as it appears to be, is true, it should raise some concerns for the travailing public.

I am of the opinion that this was a dry run, similar to that witnessed by James Woods prior to 911. Some have raised the Question that 14 men seem like an awful lot to bring down on airliner. I believe that this is an adaptation to the Beamer Flight 93 event in which the passengers were able to take down the plane before it reached it target. It seem only logical that the terrorists would adapt and add more security to carry out their nefarious attack.