Sunday, August 29, 2004

I voted against Castro Before I supported Him!

From the Miami Herald:

Senator Kerry made the following statement to a crowd in West Palm Beach after being asked What will he do about Cuba:

"I'm pretty tough on Castro, because I think he's running one of the last vestiges of a Stalinist secret police government in the world,'' Kerry told WPLG-ABC 10 reporter Michael Putney in an interview to be aired at 11:30 this morning."

Kerry then said:
"And I voted for the Helms-Burton legislation to be tough on companies that deal with him.''

The problem is, HE VOTED AGAINST IT!

"Asked Friday to explain the discrepancy, Kerry aides said the senator cast one of the 22 nays that day in 1996 because he disagreed with some of the final technical aspects. But, said spokesman David Wade, Kerry supported the legislation in its purer form -- and voted for it months earlier."

This does not look good for Kerry's effort to woo the Cuban support in Florida, First he voted against a bill that would strengthen the sanctions against Cuba, and then he misrepresented his position on the matter to make it appear he supported it. In a battleground state like Florida, this could be deadly!