Thursday, June 19, 2003

Former Vice President Al Gore is assisting in the creation of a liberal media corporation that encompasses both cable news and talk radio:

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  • In addressing this topic, I will refrain from the very obvious jokes such as, isn't a liberal cable news station just redundancy, or if a new liberal cable news station is started, where would CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC get all their reporters. As a whole, I am not all that concerned with such an effort. It beckons back to the time when rich financiers would fund Newspapers for the sole purpose of being a vehicle for the thoughts of Hamilton and Jefferson. The whole concept (or illusion depending on your perspective) of a disinterested news source is a relatively modern idea. In the past, newspapers would have the title of the DAILY(fill in city here) Republican and the Daily(fill in City) Democrat and the names reflected the position or party they supported. But somewhere along the line, the newspapers joined and the idea that they should represent the news in a "neutral" manner was born. Unfortunately, for most of the 60's, 70's, and 80's, a liberal mindset dominated the prominent national media. It was until the rise of talk radio that conservatives had a means of expressing their views to the public. Furthermore, with the creation of FOX NEWS, the NY Post, and the Washington Times, conservative were able to reach larger audiences in the country. Much to the chagrin of Liberals, however, the Conservative news media has gained in popularity, reflecting the ideological split that exist in the country, something you wound not have seen if you were a media fan in the 80's. So, let Gore create his Cable News station and Talk radio stations, the fact remains that most liberals will continue to look to the traditional sources because there opinion is already express there. A new Media Company will only work when its target audience is not already get there view point out. This is not true for liberals.