Saturday, June 14, 2003

On this Flag Day:
The Stars and Stripes has once again gained a special meaning to a new generation Americans. Since the Vietnam era, the Flag was seen as a divisive symbol, one to be used in protest of Governmental action, and another to be used to support the Nation, its people and it soldiers. After the events of September 11, the American attitude toward the Flag has shifted from a vehicle for free speech to a symbol that embodies all that is good with our nation. Like the generation of Americans who saw the Flag raised over Mt. Suribachi symbolizing America's triumph over Evil, our generation has seen the American Flag raised over the ruins of the World Trade Center representing our defiance in the face tragedy, raised over the Airport in Kandahar demonstrating our undeterred pursuit of Justice for those Americans lost on September 11, and we have seen the Flag flown over a statue in Iraq showing our commitment to freedom for those who can not fight against oppression. Old Glory does not just represent the most powerful nation on the planet, it represent all those who have sacrificed so that others can be free, and undaunted commitment to justice, and a nation not divided by race or religion but united in the belief that all men are created equal and all deserve an equal opportunity to the benefits the world has to offer. The Flag is not just red, white, and blue material, it is America and all that is embodied in its founding principles. Happy birthday Old Glory.