Thursday, July 10, 2003

Take a look at these reports from

  • XII Corps

  • "21 May. Period was generally quiet except for a few scattered incidents. At 0300 hrs this morning, trucks belonging to the 410th FA Gp were fired on just South of Grafenau. Fire was returned and one killed......The 90th Inf Div reports a sharp increase in the sabotage of communications during the night. Three telephone poles were chopped down vic (P272176) and wire was cut vic (P290048) (P215145) and (U365930) . . . There were two reports of sniping during period. Personnel of the 27th AAA Gp were fired on from the woods near Drachelsried yesterday morning. Appropriate action was taken but snipers had fled. A party of six U S officers were fired on vic Konusin last night. One officer was reported wounded. Civilians reported 22 May that an organized group of armed Gsoldiers is in Frymburk. . . 25 May. During period enemy activity consisted of cutting field wire four times vic (06071). Patrol investigating incident at present. 90th Inf Div: Polish and civilian informants reported 21 SS trs, armed with machine pistols ("burp" guns) vic Zfitiarn; investigation of report resulted in wounding of one SS trooper, while remainder fled into woods in the area; investigation continuing....28 May. 90th Div: Fire at Chemical Warfare Dump, vic Grafenwohr reported afternoon 28 May. Fire completely under control by 1800B. Exact cause of fire undetermined, though two German youths apprehended, who stated they were removing tar strips from gas crates for use in patching up homes. Approximately 11 civilians in area being held for investigation by CIC"

    "The situation as reported from Kreis Vilsbiberg was typical of the entire Corps area during the period: 'In general the conduct of the civil population has been satisfactory. Transients and DP's have caused some disorder and unrest by plundering and robbing. Occasionally a firearm is displayed or used to terrorize. "

    Is this Iraq 2003? No Germany 1945 after VE day!
    Hugh Hewitt over at
  • Weekly Standard
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  • Annika
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    It is amazing how history can repeat itself. Very similar circumstances with the same 3rd Army(3rd Army is the army command component, ARCENT, of CENCOM) and the same problems. To those that are crying VIETNAM already, they should read history and learn restraint from it. I would go so far to say that the operation in Iraq is more difficult than the rebuilding period after VE day. In Iraq we won a rapid decisive military victory but have had no Political capitulation of the former Iraqi government, the nature of the combat left many former Iraqi soldiers alive and these are the people who have the most to lose from a new government, Iraq is proving to be a gathering for all foreign groups who Hate the US and these people are bolstering the already fanatical former regime fighters, and we have yet to kill or find Saddam. These factors give a small group of people who have nothing to lose the incentive to keep fighting. But I have no doubt that the Good Iraqi people and American forces will overcome these circumstances.