Thursday, June 10, 2004

Life Imitating Satire

Dan Rather recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the coverage of Reagan's life was journalistic overkill saying "Even though everybody is respectful and wants to pay homage to the president, life does go on," he groused. "There is other news, like the reality of Iraq. It got very short shrift this weekend."

I suppose all the time given by the Media to JFK Jr. was overkill also! How about the Media's infatuation with Abu Ghraib, a story, which by the way, was presented by the US army in January and the Media, ignored until the Military had already begun prosecutions. The Media is still beating the Abu Ghraib horse longer after the matter was handled giving the impression that each new picture the emerges is a new scandal when in fact they all revolve the same incident. Why would the Media do this, to Hurt the President of Course!