Monday, August 30, 2004

The Party of free speech?

When the Democrats held their convention, They forced Al Jazeera to remover its banner from public view. The Republican convention organizers have demonstrated much more tolerance in that they allowed Al Jazeera to keep their banner visible.

This provides an interesting backdrop to what I observed on CSPAN yesterday. I noticed many protesters chanting slogans

For people who Scream that John Ashcroft is silencing their dissent and that the GOP is a bunch of Nazis, they sure what to silence other people's dissent!

It appears that a group of anarchists attacked a group of conservative protesters yesterday during the "Peace" protest. check out the film of the attack Here!

The group that was attacked calls themselves Protest Warriors. Their mission:
" War IS an ugly thing, but as long as nations and leaders exist that detest freedom, sometimes it is the only way to secure a lasting peace. Most leftist anti-war protesters and pundits don't understand this. They state that this use of force is always unnecessary -- that war, ANY war, is never good. Some of them, born into the luxury of American freedom, believe that liberty can exist passively, that somehow the world's natural state will always settle into utopian harmony. Others, in an attempt to absolve themselves from the unearned guilt they harbor living in a nation of prosperity and wealth, try to buy morality on the cheap by pronouncing themselves for the 'good'. To them, the derivation of the 'good' is based on a simple, yet peculiar standard: the powerful and competent are wicked, while the feeble and impotent are innocent - regardless of the context. That is why they defend Iraq instead of America, and the Palestinian "resistance" instead of Israel.

These leftists usually carry the loudest megaphones. And left unchallenged, their voices are heard disproportionately, demoralizing our troops, and emboldening dictators around the world - dictators who dream of the day the "Great Satan" disappears from the face of the earth.

However, their self-righteous messages go silent quickly when the truth of history and reality is thrown back in their face. It's time to turn up the juice on OUR megaphones, as we will never keep our supreme values of liberty and justice without the will to fight for them."