Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Today Senator Zell Miller visited our small corner of the Battleground State of PA.

The crowd responded enthusiastically when Senator miller gave one of his famous Southern Stories.
The senator said that one day he was working in his yard gathering rocks when he came across 3 copperhead snakes. He said that he did not ask his wife what to do, nor the local officials, nor the state officials. He grabbed a hoe and killed the snakes. He then said that "I suppose that you can call my actions unilateral since I did not ask for permission. I also suppose that you can call my action preemptive since the snakes have not bit anybody yet. " He went on to say that this is what needs to be done to protect the country(I am paraphrasing here)

Overall, it was a great event and the Senator was very gracious and spoke to many of the people in attendance after his speech.