Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How to steal an election!

Federal District Judge Yvette Kane said in her decision that "any additional burden on an already taxed (election) system may stretch it to the breaking point," and that re-sending absentee ballots "may do more to disenfranchise overseas voters than the harm they seek to cure."

Service people overseas make up an overwhelming proportion of where those ballots would go. With recent polls showing a prevailing support of President Bush in the military, state Republican leaders are crying politics and pressing Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell to issue an executive order to override the decision and extend the deadline to Nov. 17.

Many Senate Republicans have noted that mail delivery in the deserts of the Middle East is difficult at best, and say granting an extra two weeks to get those absentee ballots in is only fair to those fighting for America.

There are approximately 16,000 Pennsylvanian service people overseas, by Barrar’s count. If a candidate wins by 100,000 or more votes, those absentee ballots most likely would not have an impact, he said.

Barrar pointed out that Rendell extended the deadline to accept absentee ballots during the primary election, after challenges to nominating petitions similar to the Nader issue delayed the mailing of ballots.

You know, you would think that our fine Governor would allow these brave men some extra time to cast their vote. Heck, what's an extra 15 days, we will still be arguing over provisional ballots for at least 10 days after the election. Why can't these be counted also?