Saturday, October 16, 2004

This morning on FOX & Friends I heard a guest repeat the nasty rumor that the Bush Campaign was scaling back its operations in Pennsylvania. As a person who has been volunteering for the campaign in Northeastern PA for some four months, I can Say THIS IS NOT TRUE. The campaign is opening more country offices in anticipation of its final 72 hour campaign. We are continuing to recruit more volunteers, and oh by the way, The President is ONCE AGAIN visiting Northeastern PA next Friday. Also, there are other Campaign events including one involving Mark Martin of NASCAR fame, and one by Zell Miller.

These are NOT the actions of a Campaign scaling back operations in a state. I certainly hope that the spread of these rumors is just lazy journalism and not a patent attempt to suppress and demoralize Bush Supporters in PA. With Poll numbers like these suggesting a dead heat, one has to wonder how a person can draw the conclusion that the state is lost for the Bush campaign! I can say, that MANY campaign workers here in NE PA are rather upset, to say the least, at this story!