Friday, October 01, 2004

The debate

Overall, I believe it was a tie. I do believe that the Bush campaigned achieved 2 main goals. 1. to not screw up and lose. 2. to get some new material on Kerry! I think the Bush campaign now have a new attack they can now uses against Kerry. I think the next campaign speech will go after Kerry for claming that multilateral diplomacy did not occur in the "Run-up to war" and that 30 nations was not a large enough coalition to attack Iraq while at the same time calling for bilateral negotiations with North Korea!
This is a Huge point that I see the campaign going after Kerry on. Also I think Pres. Bush's response to the question about the troops was very important. It showed a man who felt the pains of those who have suffered in the war in Iraq and shows him as person who does not make arbitrary decisions to put troops in harms way. That, I think, will end up being the most important part of the debate. Finally, How can you have a "global test" for unilateral preemptive action! By definition, isn't unilateral preemptive action, you know, WITHOUT GLOBAL IMPUT!