Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This is interesting and tragic if true:
"In June of this year Syrian special forces have used chemical weapons against the Black-African population of Darfur. The action in which dozens of people died, occurred in arrangement with the Sudanese government, a conclusion Western Secret Services have reached. This is supported by reports of eyewitnesses which were published in different Arabian media.

Judging from the documents of Western Intelligence services in possession of die WELT, Syrian officers have met representatives of the Sudanese army in May of this year in a suburb of Khartoum. The conversations dealt with the question about how to expand the military collaboration. According to Secret Service information the Syrian delegation has offered Sudan a closer cooperation in the area of chemical warfare. The sources furthermore say that it has been suggested to test the chemical agents on the rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Because in May Khartoum was in peace negotiations with the rebels, the Sudanese delegation apparently advised to test the agents on the Black-African population. To do that at least five airplanes of the Syrian civil airline Syrian Arab Airlines were flown from Damascus to Khartoum. Aboard were specialists of the Syrian University for Chemical Warfare including engineering equipment."

This story provides a frightening picture of the war on terror especially when you view it in light of the underreported possibility that Iraq may have shipped WMDs to Syria prior to the war. This is still an unproven allegation, but if true, it WILL have a rippling effect on the War on Terror.

I was one of those people in the camp that believed that Iran might be the next target in the war on Terror. Now, I am moving towards the Idea that Syria may be next. I can see the case now if this allegation is true:

Ladies and gentlemen, Prior to the war of liberation for Iraq, we stated that Saddam had WMDs. Subsequent searches and investigations have turned up no stockpile of WMDs in Iraq. We have since learned through interviews, satellite photography, ground samples, and documents, that the Iraqi government moved its stockpile of WMD to Syria prior to our invasion of Iraq. Further intelligence has revealed that the Syrian government has transported the illegal Iraqi WMDs to Sudan. There, they have used it to help an evil regime carryout its goal of genocide. Both the Sudanese and the Syrian people deserve to live without fear of Baathists dictators using WMDs to control the population. That is why I have ordered the bombing and invasion of Syria.
You can fill in the rest. This is just a thought on how the war on Terror may proceed from this point if this story is true.

Remember this map:

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