Thursday, September 09, 2004

"That is the sound of inevitability"

An interesting thing is occurring on the Internet today. It appears that Some perceptive Free republic poster(look at post 47) noticed that the "NEW" documents that CBS and the Boston Globe used in their advocacy pieces on Bush's National Guard Service used
" a proportionally spaced font, probably Palatino or Times New Roman.

In 1972 people used typewriters for this sort of thing, and typewriters used monospaced fonts.

The use of proportionally spaced fonts did not come into common use for office memos until the introduction of laser printers, word processing software, and personal computers. They were not widespread until the mid to late 90's. Before then, you needed typesetting equipment, and that wasn't used for personal memos to file. Even the Wang systems that were dominant in the mid 80's used monospaced fonts."

This suggested that the document were forgeries.

For the most comprehensive rundown on this story look at Power Line, the Blog that Broke this story!

Now, the AP is reporting that the son of the late officer who reportedly wrote the memos questions their authenticity and Stephen Hayes, of the weekly Standard, has had experts looking at the documents and they have determined that they were not made in 1973(these experts are willing to put their names behind their analysis, unlike CBS's)

Finally, Glenn Reynolds has a lot on the story and is reporting that Nightline will be doing a story on the "forgeries" tonight.

I think we are witnessing a coming of age for the Internet. The story itself is interesting, but who has been driving the story may be the most important thing to come out of this whole mess!


DRUDGE is reporting that CBS NEWS executives have launched an internal investigation into whether 60 MINUTES aired fabricated documents!

This is getting interesting!


The lovely Annika is distraught(to say the least) about the circumstance surrounding this mess and Wizbang is calling this "FONTGATE"

The question is what did Terry McCaulife know and when did he know it?

And who said the politics was not a spectator sport!
I love this stuff!