Thursday, September 09, 2004

Nice shooting kid, Now DON"T GET COCKY!

Some of the recent polls look good for the president, But ITS STILL WAY TO EARLY TO CELEBRATE!

The ABC news Poll shows President Bush with 52 percent support and Kerry with 43 percent, Ralph Nader 2 percent.

The CBS News Poll Shows Pres. Bush with 48% support and Kerry with 39%(this was registered voters)

I do not put much stock into polls. There are to many variables that can effect the out come. My tinfoil hat side thinks that the Main stream Media polls are trying to make the race appear a shoo-in for Bush so that people who may have some differences with Bush may feel more comfortable voting for a 3rd party out of principle. Its a crazy thought, but giving this election cycle, and the MSM's near advocacy reporting on behalf Kerry, I would not put it past them.
I tend to think the race is closer to what Rasmussen is reporting, rather than the one reported by the Main Stream Media polls. But that's just me.