Thursday, October 14, 2004

The debate(s)

I think I see the overall plan of Karen Hughes/Karl Rove. The first debate, Bush wore a Blue tie, did a rather bad just job and lowered expectations. The second debate, Bush wore a blue tie, was fiery, engaging, and provided read meat for those who have been frustrated with the administration's response or lack there of to attacks. Third debate, Bush wore a Red tie, was calm, collected, and laid out facts in support of his administration while attacking his opponent's record.

For those who do not get the red Vs blue tie thing: A red tie is used to signify command, control, and dominance. A blue tie is used to soften a person and signifies compassion. I think a blue tie was used in the first two debates to soften the President(his facial expressions and his fiery disposition) while the red tie was used in the last debate to offset the President's calm persona while giving more command to his words.

But then again, I might have had too much to drink!