Friday, January 28, 2005

PA, the land of liberty (I am, of course bias)

I love this story by a PA National Guard Member:

With the upcoming election here and the recent inauguration of our own president to a second term, I let my thoughts drift back to the horrible dark times of the 2000 election. I remember the chants of the protesters on both sides claiming that many had died for our right to vote, and they would not be denied. I remember one pundit calling the Florida troubles the biggest crisis democracy had ever seen. Oh really?

My memory is a bit fuzzy for about three or four days after that election, because I didn't sleep a wink and mainlined coffee until sometime the following Friday. I don't remember every detail, the moves and counter-moves. What I do remember is this: No shots were fired, no bombs went off and there were no soldiers from either side roaming the streets. If that is a crisis, then the situation in Iraq is hopeless.

Here's the good part: It's not hopeless. Every Iraqi I talk to has hope. I've written several times on the power of hope, and right here is a living, breathing 24-million-strong testament to it. As long as some hope endures for the Iraqi people, my time here will not have been wasted.

Read the rest! Sgt. Thomas Foreman Jr is making PA proud!