Monday, July 14, 2003

On July 25th, DISNEY/MIRAMAX is releasing BUFFALO SOLDIERS Directed
by Australian Gregor Jordan. The film paints a distorted view of the American Army deployed to Germany in 1989.The movie is based on a novel of the same name by SUNY(State University of New York) Professor Robert O'Connor.

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  • It seems the director is trying to be the next Michael Moore(WHY WOULD SOMEBODY DO THAT TO THEMSLVES) by producing a Bowling for Columbine type review of the US Army.
  • Bowling for Columbine a Documentary?
  • I fear that, much like Bowling, this film will be considered a documentary and its mischaracterization of the US Army will be consider factual. If this film were to have taken a Kelly's Heroes or McHale's Navy comedic approach, most people would not have a problem with it. The Problem is, there is a motive behind it, and it is not Comedy.

    In and interview about the Film, the Director said:
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  • ......."There are a lot of people now asking questions about this whole thing, (referring to 9/11)wondering whether or not there's wisdom or madness in what's going on at the moment. I think a film like Buffalo Soldiers forces you to be introspective about those issues. Also, before September 11, this was a film about another time and not really relevant to the here and now, but now, Buffalo Soldiers is actually very relevant."
    Because of Bush's Iraq policy? (interviewer)
    "Yeah, but it's also because of Afghanistan and the fact that more Afghan civilians were killed than there were victims of September 11. People are starting to think that this whole situation is pretty insane. Some are wondering who's worse, Saddam Hussein or George Bush? "
    The director also said when asked the question Are people inherently aggressive:
    "There's that quote from Nietzsche, which is how the book starts: "When there is peace, the war-like man attacks himself." I think this is a very interesting idea because there are a lot of films that deal with the horror of war and how war is a terrible thing, how it takes a terrible toll on society, but what I've never really seen dealt with in a film is the idea that war is actually necessary, that there are a lot of people out there who like war."

    He obviously does not like the military and seems to be implying that all solider are impulsive, irrational animals that should be tightly controlled or not exist at all. I can say that I am not a fan of Nietzsche(the whole God is dead thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth), but to view the armed forces as mindless machines, incapable of controlling themselves, shows a COMPLETE lack of understanding of the armed forces and an intent to destroy what is not understand and therefore has contempt of.

    In an industry where Mel Gibson is investigated and ridiculed for making a film depicting the life a Jesus in a favorable light,(
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  • ) BUFFALO SOLDIERS is being wildly heralded by the liberal entertainment community Some are complaining because the release date was delayed because of 9/11. They claim that it is censorship and tramples on the Constitution. So, what they have done to Mr. Gibson is not? Once again the liberals show their hypocrisy, freedom for me, but not for those who disagree with my values.

    Even the Name of the movie is offensive.
  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • were former slaves, freemen and Black Civil War soldiers, who were the first to serve during peacetime and helped in the Westward movement. They were brave men who helped shape the country and represented a breakthrough in race relations. The name of the title disgraces their memory and what they represented simple because the subject is depicting the Army as drug dealers and thieves.

    I am not so naive to believe that all Soldiers conduct themselves in a Godly manner ALL the time. Nor am I suggesting that the military should be above investigation and free from scrutiny. But, portraying the Army as a bunch of drug addicted thieves and not showing what actual army life is like is dishonest and subversive. In a time when brave men and women are dying and sacrificing, this movie is portraying them as mindless animals. There are many questions that can legitimately be raised about political decisions with respect to war and foreign policy, but painting those who volunteer for service in such a poor light is dishonest and disgraces those who have fallen in service. Would a movie about the FDNY showing them acting in an improper manner ever be filmed? No, (and rightly so)because unlike the armed forces, the liberal entertainment community does not have contempt for the fire department. I can honestly say that DISNEY/MIRAMAX will not be getting my money for quite some time.