Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Earthquake diplomacy!

Following the tragic and catastrophic earthquake in Iran, the United States has sent aid and disaster relief specialists there to help reliving the burden on Persia. This response is not only a testament to our forgiving and Christian nature we often demonstrate, but this is also a tool to win the hearts and minds of the people in Iran.

The people of Persia are remarkably Pro American. It is the views of a few that dominate our perception of the attitude of the Persian people. Iran, in essence, has two governments, One dully elected and supported by the people, the other consisting of Mullahs who have the majority of the ruling power and dominate through terror. Our aid to Iran was not aimed at persuading the Mullahs. It was designed to cement the general populace's pro-American attitude. Through efforts like these, we may bolster the already festering feelings of discontent and eventually cause a functional step to meaningful governmental change in Persia.