Sunday, October 31, 2004

I have a theory about the wild swings in the recent polls. I think that ALL THE CALLING by both sides is skewing on the polling samples I have been working in Phone banks for B/C in PA, and I have noticed that of those who pick up the phone, most of them are people who have strong opinions either way. I suspect that a large amount of people are not answering their phones and only the truly committed are answering polling questions. This also raises questions about ZOGBY's polling since his samples are made up of volunteers. Could this be the end of Phone polling as we know it?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Apocalypse is near!

Boston Wins the world Series

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Curse? What curse? Johnny Damon homered, Trot Nixon hit a two-run double and the Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 for a four-game sweep and their first World Series title since 1918.

I am not a baseball fan, but I am saddened to see one of the last few superstitious debunked! It would have been better if they won on Halloween though.

I wonder if there is going be a Missouri backlash against Kerry? On an ominous note, the last time they won, the WORLD WAS AT WAR!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Today Senator Zell Miller visited our small corner of the Battleground State of PA.

The crowd responded enthusiastically when Senator miller gave one of his famous Southern Stories.
The senator said that one day he was working in his yard gathering rocks when he came across 3 copperhead snakes. He said that he did not ask his wife what to do, nor the local officials, nor the state officials. He grabbed a hoe and killed the snakes. He then said that "I suppose that you can call my actions unilateral since I did not ask for permission. I also suppose that you can call my action preemptive since the snakes have not bit anybody yet. " He went on to say that this is what needs to be done to protect the country(I am paraphrasing here)

Overall, it was a great event and the Senator was very gracious and spoke to many of the people in attendance after his speech.

How to steal an election!

Federal District Judge Yvette Kane said in her decision that "any additional burden on an already taxed (election) system may stretch it to the breaking point," and that re-sending absentee ballots "may do more to disenfranchise overseas voters than the harm they seek to cure."

Service people overseas make up an overwhelming proportion of where those ballots would go. With recent polls showing a prevailing support of President Bush in the military, state Republican leaders are crying politics and pressing Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell to issue an executive order to override the decision and extend the deadline to Nov. 17.

Many Senate Republicans have noted that mail delivery in the deserts of the Middle East is difficult at best, and say granting an extra two weeks to get those absentee ballots in is only fair to those fighting for America.

There are approximately 16,000 Pennsylvanian service people overseas, by Barrar’s count. If a candidate wins by 100,000 or more votes, those absentee ballots most likely would not have an impact, he said.

Barrar pointed out that Rendell extended the deadline to accept absentee ballots during the primary election, after challenges to nominating petitions similar to the Nader issue delayed the mailing of ballots.

You know, you would think that our fine Governor would allow these brave men some extra time to cast their vote. Heck, what's an extra 15 days, we will still be arguing over provisional ballots for at least 10 days after the election. Why can't these be counted also?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The "Left" goes NUTS!

Oregon: "Someone smashed the windows of the Multnomah County Republican office in Southeast Portland on Thursday, perhaps the latest sign some Oregonians have tossed out civility in their zeal to put their man in the White House."

"Oregon Democratic Party officials said they do not condone smashing the windows of Republican offices and discourage such acts."

"But the fact is that the reason the Republican Party is feigning righteous indignation is because they don't want to talk about the 30,000 jobs lost and the 180,000 Oregonians who have lost health care," said Neel Pender, executive director of the state Democratic Party.
>Boy is this Moral relativism at its best!

Cincinnati: Local Bush/Cheney headquarters robbed: "DOWNTOWN - Cincinnati's headquarters for the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign was broken into overnight.

Money and a sign were taken from the office, on Seventh Street near Court Street. The thieves got in by breaking out a window.

The office was also ransacked, officials said. It also houses other Republican organizations.

No one had been arrested."

Arizona: Arizona Daily Sun: "Political motivations turned criminal Thursday night or early Friday when vandals smashed a large glass door with a section of cinder block at the Republican Party headquarters in downtown Flagstaff.

A pile of shattered glass joined egg shells filling the entryway to the GOP offices, located on Humphreys Street across from Wheeler Park. Fliers with information criticizing President Bush were staked up outside the door."

Ann Coulter Pie attack: Coulter was speaking to a full house, answering questions from theaudience when the men approached the stage.

The gentlemen only managed to get Coulter on the shoulder, but they did manage to get them selves placed under arrested with ease.

The two men were tackled almost immediately by both security and other men attending who sprang from their seats to aid the apprehension.

Finally! The Guardian calls for the assassination of President Bush:

"On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod's law dictates he'll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?"

Friday, October 22, 2004

From the Front line!

Today I attended a Presidential Visit in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Here are some of the pictures I took:

The Venue

Enter Stage Right!

Father and daughter

Barbara introducing her father.

The speech

Working the Line

The protesters

This event had the feel more of the 2000 convention then the other event I attended. The RNC went all out with decorations and entertainment. With well over 15,000 people in attendance, the event rallied all of us war weary campaign worker and gave us a new found invigoration for the final 11 day of this never ending election. To see pictures from the other events I attended see here and here.

Update: unlike this Event for Kerry, NOBODY walked out from Bush's Rally today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"That these are our grievances which we have thus laid before his majesty, with that freedom of language and sentiment which becomes a free people claiming their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate." --Thomas Jefferson

From MSNBC - 'Hardball with Chris

"Mr. President, thank you. It‘s an honor to have you on.

JIMMY CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Thank you Chris, good to be with you and your folks.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you the question about—this is going to cause some trouble with people—but as an historian now and studying the Revolutionary War as it was fought out in the South in those last years of the War, insurgency against a powerful British force, do you see any parallels between the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?

CARTER: Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War, more than any other war up until recently, has been the most bloody war we‘ve fought. I think another parallel is that in some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war.

Had the British Parliament been a little more sensitive to the colonial‘s really legitimate complaints and requests the war could have been avoided completely, and of course now we would have been a free country now as is Canada and India and Australia, having gotten our independence in a nonviolent way.

I think in many ways the British were very misled in going to war against America and in trying to enforce their will on people who were quite different from them at the time."

Hat top to Captain's Quarters

As a person who has studied America's Early National period at the Masters level, I take great offense when someone claims that "the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war." If Freedom and liberty are not sufficient reason to go to war, than there are no reasons. If the world were to follow Mr. Carter's teaching, the world would be ruled by dictators and despots. I would figure that someone with Mr. Carter's "resume" in human right would be a bit more sensitive to the issue of impressment.

"It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! "
--Patrick Henry March 23,1775

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nascar for Bush!

From the The Kerry Spot

"Bush-Cheney '04 is announcing a NASCAR tour that will cover 14 events in four states (Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) on October 19 and 20. The tour features seven of NASCAR's best drivers and most well-known figures: Darrell Waltrip, Mark Martin, Bill Elliott, Jack Roush, Benny Parsons, Jeff Hammond and Eddie Wood."

Tomorrow in Scranton PA:

Scranton, PA
Location: Tom Hesser Ford
Participants: Mark Martin, Jack Roush, Benny Parsons, Eddie Wood

I am slightly disappointed that the Bush Twin will not be at this event! Oh well.

A must read!

TOMMY FRANKS ON Senator Kerry:

"On more than one occasion, Senator Kerry has referred to the fight at Tora Bora in Afghanistan during late 2001 as a missed opportunity for America. He claims that our forces had Osama bin Laden cornered and allowed him to escape. How did it happen? According to Mr. Kerry, we "outsourced" the job to Afghan warlords. As commander of the allied forces in the Middle East, I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality."

"Contrary to Senator Kerry, President Bush never "took his eye off the ball" when it came to Osama bin Laden. The war on terrorism has a global focus. It cannot be divided into separate and unrelated wars, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. Both are part of the same effort to capture and kill terrorists before they are able to strike America again, potentially with weapons of mass destruction. Terrorist cells are operating in some 60 countries, and the United States, in coordination with dozens of allies, is waging this war on many fronts."

Read the Rest!

Foreign leaders for Bush

Vladimir Putin:
"Russian President Vladimir Putin says terrorist attacks in Iraq are aimed at preventing the re-election of U.S. President George W. Bush and that a Bush defeat "could lead to the spread of terrorism to other parts of the world."

UN peacekeepers in Haiti:

"The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.

Earlier this year Mr Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted from power in February.

The Brazilian UN general, Augusto Heleno, said Mr Kerry's comments had offered "hope" to Aristide supporters. Much of the recent unrest has centred on areas loyal to Mr Aristide."

Junichiro Koizumi:

"TOKYO — Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Thursday he wants George W Bush to retain the U.S. presidency in the country's upcoming election.

"I don't want to interfere with another country's election but since I'm well-acquainted with President Bush, I want him to carry on," Koizumi told reporters at his office when asked about Democratic rival Sen John Kerry's lead in the latest poll."

Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi:

"These terrorists understand all too well that success in Iraq will be an enormous blow for terrorism worldwide,'' Allawi said during a news conference with President George W. Bush at the White House. ``If we stop fighting the terrorists in Iraq they would be free to plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations,'' Bush said."

Now contrast that with those who supports Kerry:

Iranian mullah rulers:
"The chairman of a pro-Iranian democracy group is charging that the campaign of Sen. John Kerry has been accepting political contributions from a lobbying group promoting the agenda of the mullah rulers of Iran. Aryo Pirouznia, leader of the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iraq (SMCCDI) says that backers of the regime in Tehran are channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Kerry campaign."

Yasser Arafat:

"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is hoping John Kerry wins the presidential election in November, several Palestinian leaders told WorldNetDaily.

Arafat deputy and chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told WND in an exclusive interview that while "we do not involve ourselves in internal American politics," at the same time "our region has been sliding deeper and deeper into chaos because of certain policies over the past few years, and this needs to change."

October Surprise?

From Catholic World News

Los Angeles, Oct. 18 ( - A consultant to the Vatican has said Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has incurred the penalty of excommunication from the Catholic Church.

The consultant made his statement in a highly unusual letter to Marc Balestrieri, a Los Angeles canon lawyer who formally sued John Kerry in ecclesiastical court for heresy...

Balestrieri, who launched his case earlier this year by filing a heresy complaint in Kerry's home archdiocese of Boston, told EWTN's "World Over" program on Friday that he had received an unusual, indirect communication from the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith regarding the pro-abortion stance.

That communication provides a basis, he said, to declare that any Catholic politician who says he is "personally opposed to abortion, but supports a woman's right to choose," incurs automatic excommunication.

This is interesting since it appears to come from back door channels in the Vatican. I would guess that if a decision were made to excommunicate these politicians, it would come from back door channels since if Kerry were to win, the Vatican would still need to work with him. Plausible deniability anybody one?


Well it appears that Senator John Kerry is NOT going to be excommunicated.

"VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- An official at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said a California canon lawyer seeking a formal decree of heresy against Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Democratic presidential nominee, has misrepresented his contact with the Vatican office."

"His claim that the private letter he received from (Dominican) Father Basil Cole is a Vatican response is completely without merit," Father DiNoia told Catholic News Service Oct. 19, declining to discuss the matter further."

Monday, October 18, 2004

This an update to my previous posts on Syria, WMDs, and Sudan


"Charles Duelfer told the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month he could not rule out Saddam's transfer of Iraqi missiles and weapons of mass destruction to Syria."

"Duelfer, an adviser to the CIA, said at the Oct. 6 hearing that a large amount of material had been transferred by Iraq to Syria before the March 2003 war.

"A lot of materials left Iraq and went to Syria," Duelfer said. "There was certainly a lot of traffic across the border points. We've got a lot of data to support that, including people discussing it. But whether in fact in any of these trucks there was WMD-related materials, I cannot say."

I am still convinced that Saddam shipped his active WMD to Syria prior to the war while maintaining his capacity to produce WMDs in a short period of time.
There has been little follow-up of the allegations that Syria testes WMDs in Sudan, but if it did happen, I would bet dollars to donuts that they were Iraqi WMDs!


John Kerry is trying to scare elderly voters in Pennsylvania and Florida by claiming the President has a "secret plan" to privatize Social Security in January. I though only Kerry had "a Plan", It seems he has so many "plans," he is attributing some to the President!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

This morning on FOX & Friends I heard a guest repeat the nasty rumor that the Bush Campaign was scaling back its operations in Pennsylvania. As a person who has been volunteering for the campaign in Northeastern PA for some four months, I can Say THIS IS NOT TRUE. The campaign is opening more country offices in anticipation of its final 72 hour campaign. We are continuing to recruit more volunteers, and oh by the way, The President is ONCE AGAIN visiting Northeastern PA next Friday. Also, there are other Campaign events including one involving Mark Martin of NASCAR fame, and one by Zell Miller.

These are NOT the actions of a Campaign scaling back operations in a state. I certainly hope that the spread of these rumors is just lazy journalism and not a patent attempt to suppress and demoralize Bush Supporters in PA. With Poll numbers like these suggesting a dead heat, one has to wonder how a person can draw the conclusion that the state is lost for the Bush campaign! I can say, that MANY campaign workers here in NE PA are rather upset, to say the least, at this story!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The debate(s)

I think I see the overall plan of Karen Hughes/Karl Rove. The first debate, Bush wore a Blue tie, did a rather bad just job and lowered expectations. The second debate, Bush wore a blue tie, was fiery, engaging, and provided read meat for those who have been frustrated with the administration's response or lack there of to attacks. Third debate, Bush wore a Red tie, was calm, collected, and laid out facts in support of his administration while attacking his opponent's record.

For those who do not get the red Vs blue tie thing: A red tie is used to signify command, control, and dominance. A blue tie is used to soften a person and signifies compassion. I think a blue tie was used in the first two debates to soften the President(his facial expressions and his fiery disposition) while the red tie was used in the last debate to offset the President's calm persona while giving more command to his words.

But then again, I might have had too much to drink!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

RIP Christopher Reeve

Though I am not one to admire people who star in movies I liked, I do admire Reeve's courage in his post accident life. Disagree with him or not on some of his positions, he took a bad situation and fought the remaining days of his life to better help people in his position. I believe the true test of a person is not how they act when they are top, but how they act when all seems to be lost. Reeve showed the courage in life that he showed on the screen as superman.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Aussie Aussi Aussi Oi Oi Oi!

Great News!

"SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Prime Minister John Howard scored a convincing victory in Australia's federal election Saturday, winning a historic fourth term in a vote ensuring the staunch U.S. ally keeps its troops in Iraq."

Could this be setting the Stage for November 2? Stay tuned sports fans!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Campaign terror Update

Congressman Tom Feeney, of Florida’s 24th district wrote a letter to Attorney General Ashcroft calling for a criminal investigation. Here is the text of the letter:

"This week, in Orlando, Florida, approximately 100 protestors stormed and ransacked the local Bush-Cheney headquarters injuring one campaign staffer who suffered a broken wrist and causing considerable damage.

According to news accounts, similar "protests" occurred yesterday across the country in Miami, FL; Tampa, FL; Kansas City, MO; Dearborn, MI; St. Paul, MN; Independence, MO; and West Allis, WI. All of the "protests" appear to be a coordinated effort by members of a major labor union to intimidate staff and volunteers of the Bush-Cheney campaign. The AFL-CIO took credit on their own website for these protests that included thousands of workers in 17 cities across the country.

In what is apparently one of those coordinated "protests", the Bush-Cheney headquarters in West Allis, Wisconsin was invaded by more than 50 protestors who disrupted campaign activities and intimidated campaign workers and volunteers. According to the Associated Press, over 100 union protestors physically stormed their way into Bush-Cheney headquarters in Miami, Florida and intimidated volunteers inside. In what could be a related incident, although the perpetrator has not yet been identified, the Knoxville, TN Bush-Cheney office was hit by gun-fire on Tuesday morning, shattering the plate-glass front doors before volunteers showed up for work.

These attacks are not conduct protected by the First Amendment. The activities were carried out on the same day throughout the country, apparently organized by the same national organization. The lack of any notice and the pattern suggest a plan to intimidate volunteers who were supporting their candidate in the upcoming Presidential campaign."

Hat tip to STANLEY KURTZ and the The Corner

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Campaign Terror!!

Lets recap how the "loyal opposition" (yes those are NYT sarcasm quotes) is acting during this election:

"More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked."

"A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News."

Knoxville, TN:
"An unknown suspect fired multiple shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning."

Gainesville, Fla.:
"Politics in Gainesville turned rough and tumble Thursday night when, police say, a social behavior sciences instructor - a Democrat - punched the chairman of the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee in the face."

Columbus, Ohio:
"An American serviceman was ambushed last month. This ambush was especially noteworthy because it did not occur in Iraq or Afghanistan; it occurred within the borders of the United States. PFC Foster Barton, recipient of the Purple Heart, was on a two-week leave, recuperating from injuries sustained while on duty in Iraq. While leaving a concert in Columbus, Ohio, he was attacked. According to a local television report, his attacker reportedly "was screaming profanities and making crude remarks about U.S. soldiers."

"Madison homeowners are livid after vandals defaced their homes.
Someone burned an 8-foot-by-8-foot Nazi swastika on a home's lawn near where Bush-Cheney signs were posted. The vandals used grass killer to spray the symbol."

"Republican officials say three laptop computers containing campaign plans have been stolen from a Bush-Cheney state headquarters office in suburban Seattle."

"Republican supporters in Huntington were watching their candidate accept the party's nomination when a gunshot rang out right in the middle of George W. Bush's speech."

This is not the way to hold an Election! Intimidating one party through force and violence is not the action of a civilized democracy! Yesterday, when I attended the Bush speech in Wilkes-Barre PA, I had to walk by the "free speech zone" to get to my car. While walking, I was called some of the vilest things I have ever been called. I felt more hate towards me than I EVER FELT FROM MY WORST EMEMY. After being called MANY NAMES, I laughed and repeatedly yelled out "four more years" ! Some GOP Supporters were clearly rattled by the hatred that was coming from this crowd. Last week, signed were placed In front of the Scranton B/C headquarters, and some people were there to harass those going in(I was called a Nazi bastard)

Why does one party feel compelled to intimidate the supporters of the other? My friend Jesterdel stated that civility in the campaign has gotten out of control. I now agree, but it is one sided. Jester stated that Extremists on all sided are getting nasty. Curious, I did a google search and found the only action against Kerry supporters was sign stealing.(something I do not condone) There are some Bush supporters who are rightly afraid to put Bush bumper stickers on their car in fear of it being damaged!

It is not yet the "night of broken glass" But I now have no doubt who will be instigating the violence.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Photo Blogging!

Today I attended President Bush's speech in Wilkes-Barre Pa. Below are some of the pictures I took at the event. I do not believe that they are as good as the ones I took the last time the President was here, but they are not bad.

The President entering the stage

Here is a picture of the President giving his speech

The President working the Crowd.

The President leaving the room.

The event was billed as being a major announcement to the nation. I must confess, I did not see a major announcement. There was a part in the speech that appeared have been cut, and the presence of Karl Rove and Karen Hughes(both of whom were not at the last event I attended) makes me believe that there was a last minute decision to change the speech.

For more on the speech, read this.

By the way, the above linked article bothers me, it states that " The president lost Pennsylvania to Democrat Al Gore by fewer than 5,000 votes in 2000." This is wrong. The fact is, that the President lost PA by more than 200,000 votes! Who Pays these people!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

This election is getting OUT OF CONTROL!

"An unknown suspect fired several shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning."

"According to Knoxville Police Department (KPD) officers on the scene Tuesday, it is believed that the two separate shots were fired from a car sometime between 6:30 am and 7:15 am."

But wait, This is not the First time this has happened!

"HuntingtonUSA - Republican supporters in Huntington were watching their candidate accept the party's nomination when a gunshot rang out right in the middle of George W. Bush's speech."

"We heard a small snap, and felt glass come sliding by us.We looked up and saw a hole in our window and realized somebody was shooting at us", said Paula Stewart."

And there is More!

"SEATTLE Republican officials say three laptop computers containing campaign plans have been stolen from a Bush-Cheney state headquarters office in suburban Seattle.
The theft is said to have occurred early Friday morning between two and eight a-m."

"State G-O-P chairman Chris Vance says someone threw a rock through a window at the office, in Bellvue. Vance said two of the stolen laptops contained much of the Bush-Cheney campaign strategy for the state of Washington. He believes the theft was politically motivated."

I am wondering if I have to start wearing a Second chance vest and carrying a weapon everyday while I am doing Campaign work!

Its Funny, for all the propaganda that Republicans are Nazis(I was called a "Nazi Bastard" outside a Local Bush Headquarters) and Hate mongers, You don't see Kerry's People getting shot at or Burglarized. I definitaly have concerns for President Bush's safety when he gets re-elected!

I forgot to mention this example of the "tolerant left."

"Someone burned an 8-foot-by-8-foot Nazi swastika on a home's lawn near where Bush-Cheney signs were posted. The vandals used grass killer to spray the symbol."

"Several nearby homes were vandalized -- all were within a two-block radius on the West Side, near Ice Age Trail, News 3 reported."

"I just cannot believe that someone would take the liberty to do this," said homeowner Rob Schaeffer. "We're appalled that someone would choose to destroy our property because they don't believe in our political views. My signs are going right back in the yard. This is my property. We live here. We have rights."

Update 2:

More attacks against GOP offices!

"ORLANDO, Fla. -- A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News."

"Local 6 News learned that most of the protestors were from the AFL-CIO and were taking part in one of 20 other coordinated protests around the country.
A spokesperson with the AFL-CIO told Local 6 News that the Orlando protest did not go as planned."

Instapundit. has more on the NASHVILLE, Tenn shootings!

Friday, October 01, 2004

The debate

Overall, I believe it was a tie. I do believe that the Bush campaigned achieved 2 main goals. 1. to not screw up and lose. 2. to get some new material on Kerry! I think the Bush campaign now have a new attack they can now uses against Kerry. I think the next campaign speech will go after Kerry for claming that multilateral diplomacy did not occur in the "Run-up to war" and that 30 nations was not a large enough coalition to attack Iraq while at the same time calling for bilateral negotiations with North Korea!
This is a Huge point that I see the campaign going after Kerry on. Also I think Pres. Bush's response to the question about the troops was very important. It showed a man who felt the pains of those who have suffered in the war in Iraq and shows him as person who does not make arbitrary decisions to put troops in harms way. That, I think, will end up being the most important part of the debate. Finally, How can you have a "global test" for unilateral preemptive action! By definition, isn't unilateral preemptive action, you know, WITHOUT GLOBAL IMPUT!